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Our Program

Cajun Land Doodles is proud to offer you our Guardian Home Program. This gives us the ability to offer families some of our most prized doodles with NO purchasing cost. We strongly believe in the correct placement of our guardian dogs and will always ensure they are the right fit. Therefore, we offer our guardian program opportunity to well-deserved families who have a deep love for dogs and meet the below criteria.

The Guardian's Responsibilities:

  • Keep their doodle up to date on their vaccinations and preventive medications. i.e. Flea, tick, and heartworm preventive treatments.
  • Training and socialization of dog.
  • Have a secure fenced in yard.
  • Live within 100 miles of Cajun Land Doodles.
  • Able to provide high quality dog food that is approved by Cajun Land Doodles
  • Stays in contact with Cajun Land Doodles in reference to any concerns.
  • Offers a loving and nurturing home


If your choice of a guardian home dog is female, you can expect her to have a total of 4 litters of puppies that of which Cajun Land will be responsible for delivering and welping of the puppies. The mother will remain with her pups until they are fully weaned. The breeding process will depend on the female and where she is at in her heat cycle. It is very important that the guardian stay aware of their doodles cycle and contact Cajun Land when they suspect their guardian dog to be going into heat. None of our breeding guardian dogs will have more than 4 litters of puppies. At the end of the guardian dogs breeding career, Cajun Land will spay her and register the dog over to the guardian. 
If your choice of a guardian dog is male, you can expect for him to be in our breeding process for approximately 6 years. It will be expected that your male be made readily available when needed for breedings. We ask that you please keep your male guardian dog away from any intact females during their heat cycles. Once the male guardian dog has retired, Cajun Land will then register the dog over to the guardian.
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